For Christ's Crown and Covenant

Exclusive Psalmody

Exclusive Psalmody

“There was nothing in the past about which God was so jealous as the mode of His worship. There was nothing around which He threw guards and fences so awful as around His worship…He reserved to Himself the high prerogative of appointing the ways in which men should approach Him in His public worship, and […]

Why do we sing Psalms?

One of the most (if not the most) important activities that believers engage in is the worship of the thrice holy, triune God of Scripture. While all Christians agree as to the importance of worship, there is not agreement as to the content of worship. Some churches sing “hymns” of merely human composition; some churches […]

What Can Miserable Christians Sing?

“Having experienced — and generally appreciated — worship across the whole evangelical spectrum, from Charismatic to Reformed — I am myself less concerned here with the form of worship than I am with its content. Thus, I would like to make just one observation: the psalms, the Bible’s own hymnbook, have almost entirely dropped from […]