24 MARCH 2020

Please note that our regular public worship services and in-home Bible studies & prayer meetings will be cancelled until 15 APRIL 2020, subject to extension.  In light of ongoing social distancing measures and recommendations laid down by municipal, provincial, and federal authorities, we have moved our “body life” to the virtual world of the Internet as much as possible.  While recognizing that no true substitute exists for our flesh and blood interaction with one another, we are thankful that God has blessed our own generation with means to stay connected that our forefathers could only have dreamed of.  As we avail ourselves of these tools (live-streamed worship services; virtual prayer meetings; online Bible studies; etc.) we praise God for His daily provision, as we pray that His merciful hand would  deliver our land from this deadly virus and its innumerable collateral effects upon our communities.  

With Love in Christ,
Rev. Dan Dupuis
Pastor, Hudson/Saint-Lazare Reformed Presbyterian Church